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Top ten viral videos 2015

From a ravenous rodent to Ronnie Pickering, the best viral videos of 2015 reached new heights

David Cameron Gettin' Piggy with it


It wasn't all plain sailing for David Cameron following the Conservative party's general election victory. When allegations surfaced in September of a ritual performed way back in his university days, Cassetteboy, as ever, didn't miss the mark.

Ed Miliband's Careless Whisper

At the beginning of 2015 the Labour party was led by an unfancied outsider, scorned for being too socialist and vehemently against bombing the Middle East – how things have changed. 'Red Ed' didn't last much past May in the country's consciousness but the general election did bring about one of his more lasting impressions, the Miliband gaze.

Ronnie Pickering


Who? Well exactly. Ronnie Pickering's inflated sense of self went viral after a road rage incident in 2015, there were carloads of remixes and edits across the internet but the original still reigns supreme. Never again question the identity of Ronnie Pickering.

Watch Me


According to YouTube this is the number one viral video of 2015 and it's easy to see why. Cute, catchy and containing dance moves that even those with two left feet might be able to muster, the alternative video for Silento's smash hit Watch Me, was watched 120 million times and counting in 2015.

Pizza Rat


The bleakness of the modern urban experience was expressed perfectly when this short video went viral in 2015. The struggles of Pizza Rat, as the rodent became known, sparked numerous Halloween outfits and calls for president Obama to officially recognise its achievement. The fact the rodent gave up in the end will no doubt be glossed over when the story of Pizza Rat inevitably gets the Hollywood treatment.

Dashboard Confessional


Dashboard cameras were in the news for all the wrong reasons in 2015 but this video shows a somewhat more cheerful use for them. Lip syncing to Taylor Swift's huge pop hit Shake it Off, one police officer from Dover county in Delaware had the world praising his dance moves.

Pizza Pope


It's not often God's chosen messenger on Earth makes a visit to your home town and for one Naples pizza parlour it was an opportunity not to be missed. Vaulting the barriers carrying one of Naples' finest creations, the three men were able to hand Pope Francis his own special pizza as the Popemobile made its way past. Unfortunately it does appear the Pope left without paying the bill, at least the pizza parlour know where he lives.

Orangutan Magic Trick


Sometimes magic tricks can really bowl you over and that was certainly the case for this observer, an orangutan at Barcelona zoo. The tourist shows the ape that he is placing something into a cup, and after a nifty sleight of hand, he then reveals the cup has nothing in it. The orangutan takes a moment to realise that magic has taken place and guffaws with delight.

David Attenborough says 'Hello'


This video shows what happens when you mix British national treasures young and old. On a trip to the BBC Radio 1 studios, legendary wildlife documentary filmmaker Sir David Attenborough agreed to provide one of his famous voiceovers for the music video to Adele's newest smash hit 'Hello'.  The result was one of the viral videos of the year.


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